Main Specifications of Kaihua Electroplating Chemicals
Product Product Code and Name   Starting Qty   (ml/L) Consumption Qty       (ml/KAH) Main  Properties
Acid Zinc  Brighter  ZF100 1-2 80-150 Ultra KCl bright Zinc additives have low consumption,fast gloss-finishing speed,extremely tolerant to containminations. The plating coating is  levell,bright and  grain refined in wide range of current densities.The bath has excellent throwing and covering power,and is suitable for various post plating colourations.
Softer   ZF111 30-40 50-100
Acid Bright Tin                        (3-class) Starter ZF303K 30-40 150-300 Sulfuric acid bright tin plating additives  have low consumption, fast gloss-finishing speed .It  has high stability,  current efficiency and good throwing and covering power. The bath is easy to operate. The tin deposit has excellent ductility,brightness and resistance of oxidation, which can be readily soldered.
 Auxiliary  Additive  ZF303F 1-5 30-50
 Addition Additive   ZF303B   150-250
Acid Bright Tin                            (2-class) Starter    ZF302K 35-42 150-300
Brighter   ZF302G   150-300
Acid Matte Prue Tin  ZF304 20-40 250-1000 Sufuric acid matte pure tin plating additive can  match matte tin plating requirement of electronic components such as PCB ,semiconductor ,lead frames,connectors with wide current density range and is suitable for rack and barrrel plating.In addition to high stability and excellent throwing and covering power, it has excellent corrosion resistance,soldering ability and adhesion ability.It is easy to operate with single additive.
Product Product Code and Name   Starting Qty   (ml/L) Consumption Qty       (ml/KAH) Main  Properties
Neutral matte pure tin process Main Plating Solution ZF305A 1000   Neutral matte pure tin process  (PH5.5-6.5) is suitable for plating passive surface mount components(chip capacitors,chip resistors and chip inductors,etc.)  and has no corrosion on ceramic/glass surface with excellent covering power,corrosion resistance,soldering ability and adhesion ability.It's low foaming and doesn't contain Pb\Cd\Hg\Cr6+,and has passed SGS test.It is of  high stability and easy to operate.
Metal Complex Additive ZF305B   0.7-1g/AH
Oxidant Resistant Addittive ZF305C   0.7-1g/AH
Matte Additive ZF305D   0.3-0.5ml/AH
MSA Matte Pure Tin Process ZF306(High Speed) 10-20 180-220 It is a  fluoride free matte pure tin bath,whose deposits are matte with grain refinement,wide current density range and suitable for barrel ,rack and reel to reel plating.It has excellent soldering ability even after prolonged storage and high stability and excellent throwing and covering power.It is easy to operate with single additive.
ZF307 15-25 100-140
Hard Chromium ZF701(II) 16-20 7 It is highly economical due to improved current efficiency(22-26%).With high level protection against corrosion,microcrack density:400-800line/cm.The coating are bright, grain refinement and has clarity in wide range of current densities(20-80A/dm2) . It has extremely wear resistance that hardness values  approximate 1050Hv0.1 There is no corrosion on anode surface.Pretreatment,anodes,tanks,etc. are normal with conventional sulfate hard chrome plating process.